Panel Surya MonoCrystalline STM 40 Wp


Solar Panel Monocrystaillen STM 40 Wp 

Monocrystaline specification of the solar module

Model STM40
Rated Maximum Power-Pmax (W) 40
Maximum Power Voltage-Vmp (V) 19.0
Maximum Power Current-Imp (A) 2.11
Open Circuit Voltage-Voc (V) 22.2
Short Circuit Current-Isc (A) 2.24
Module Efficiency (%) 15.26
Operating Temperatura 40°C to 85° C
Maximum System Voltage 600V(UL) / 1000(IEC)
Power Tolerance ±3%
Hail Test 25mm diameter ice ball at 23m/s, directed at 11 inpact locations
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature 45±2°C
Temperature Coefficient of Pmax -0.40%/°C
temperature Coefficient of Voc -0.35%/°C
Temperature Coefficient of Isc +0.033%/°C

Mechanical & Packaging Characteristics

Dimensions AxBxC                                         (mm) 760x345x30
Installation Hole Dimension ExF              (mm) 410x493
Weight                                                                 (Kg) 3.3
Number of Draining Holes in the Frame 4
Construction Superstrate: High transmission 3.2mm tempered low iron glass; Substrate:White 
Back Sheet; Encapsulant; Fast Cure Color Silver
Frame Clear anodized aluminium alloy tipe 6063T5: Color Silver 
Packing Configuration and Quantity per Palet 5 pcs per carton and 150 pcs/pallet
Container Loading Capacity 2400 pcs per 40 ft container: 4800 pcs per 20 ft container


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